Saturday, August 4, 2012

Colombia bound Elders at the Provo MTC

Elder Chase in front of the Provo Temple

Hey everyone

So the Colombian VISAs came through. At least 11 of us are heading down to the Bogota MTC on August 14th. So it's gonna end up being 6 weeks here and 3 in Bogota.

When does Erin get here? I’m  guessing it’s after I leave but since I am here 3 extra weeks that'd be cool if I ran into her.

Also Dave is getting up here in 3 weeks or something. I'm pretty sure I’m gonna miss him by like a day or something. But I just got an email from him that was pretty cool.

So yeah I get to call again I'll probably try calling later tonight idk if they will let me but I’m gonna try to call at like 9:30. If I don't call its cause they didn't let me.

I still appreciate all the Dearelders and letters and stuff. I hope you guys get the ones I send. The last one I sent was like all Spanish idk if you guys received it. But in that one I asked if you guys would be able to send in like a letter or something my papers from my mission prep folder, most importantly the one with all the scriptures on in divided by subject. It would be much appreciated.

According to Elder Collet or Dalorian, Chance is supposed to get here next week. I hope I can see him that'd be sick. Another one of my buddies from school got his mission call to Los Angeles California. It’s kinda cool how I see all these random people I know from different places. I thought I wouldn't know anyone but I know a good amount. I ran into the Means girl again and the guy from our stake Elder Cadden. He’s a Zone Leader here. I still see the Korean kid and say hi to him haha

Entonces, he aprendido mucho y es bueno que podamos ir a Colombia y el CCM alla. escribire mas en las cartas. espero que todo este bien. hasta a las nueve y media

Elder Brandon Chase

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