Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hey everyone,

So the dearelders don't work here and by the time any letters get here I will probably already be in Cali so I guess email would be the best way to talk to me. I don't know if you guys have been doing that but I wouldn't have gotten any since the day I left Provo.

I went to the Bogotá temple today. It was pretty sick (cool). It was hard in Spanish though, but it was still cool.

I feel really tired all the time. We go to bed at 1030, but I usually don't fall asleep until 1100 or 1130. It doesn't help that some of the Latinos wake up at like 530. So I maybe get 5 or six solid hours of sleep every night. Hopefully it will be better when I get out to the field. I like being here in Bogota and it was cool seeing some of the city. Sometimes the MTC life here is repetitive. It's only like 20 feet from our room to classroom and then just downstairs for the food. The scenery doesn't change much. But it's all good. Sometimes I feel cranky just due to lack of sleep combined with the monotony.

I'm still just learning Spanish one little part at a time. The Latinos are still really hard to understand but I feel like I can at least say what I need too.

A new district of white guys showed up yesterday. It made me at least a bit more confident about my Spanish when I saw them trying to understand the Latinos haha.

Entonces a veces me siento que español sea el idioma mas complicado en todo el mundo pero se que si yo confiara en el Señor el me ayudaría

Well, they are kicking me off the laptop now.


Elder Brandon Chase

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