Monday, March 17, 2014


Things are going well.  We had a zone meeting on Saturday.  Pretty normal, just trying to get everyone stoked to work.

People here eat all parts of the chicken.  The other day, I saw a kid eating a chicken foot as if it were a lollipop or something.

We saw a dead horse on the side of the road in Tuluá today.  It was all inflated and its tongue was sticking out-  elder hogan got a pic of it.

Hopefully we can get a few baptisms this Saturday

Cool thing the district president said in the conference ''Don't judge someone just because they sin in a different way than you do."

Elder Chase


Playing futbol on Pday

Monday, March 10, 2014


Things are going well.  Elder Delgadillo is getting transferred to Pasto.  Elder Cunya who is in the district with us is gonna be the new zone leader with me.  Elder Hogan is gonna be right by us in Tuluá.    

The consejo was cool.  I hadn't eaten a banana split for awhile. 

I really wish I knew what else to write about.  I think things that might be interesting to everyone else have just become so normal to me that they don't seem worth writing.

Elder Eliason from my district in the Bogota MTC is the new assistant to the president.  He's a cool guy

Sorry I don't have much to write.  It's because I have to write about the zone and send in the numbers and stuff.

I appreciate the emails and stuff.  
I'll try to write down interesting stuff this week.

elder chase

Pictures from the leadership council-