Monday, July 29, 2013


Things are good here in Villagorgona.  Last Saturday we had the baptism of G. Bustamante.  He's legit.  We've got a couple of people lined up for the 10th of August too.

Saw my padre elder I. today.  He's in the office as secretary of materials.

They're having problems with elder L. visa.  If they don't fix it, he might end up having to camp in Ecuador a few days

Fun facts - After asking around, I learned that one time in Pasto I ate cow intestine without knowing it. The owners of this internet are all Jehovah's Witnesses.  ha

Aparte de todo eso, todo está normal.  Me estoy esforzando por hacer todo lo posible para ayudar a la gente de aquí.  Sé que el evangelio realmente ayuda a las personas a mejorar sus vidas.  

Élder Chase

Monday, July 22, 2013


So, first thing, a shout out to Jordan who got call to Puerto Rico.  So sick.  Second thing, Brandon Beck got a call to Colombia.  Nice

Things are alright.  We have a for sure baptism this Saturday, and maybe another.  His name is Germán.  He's like 45 and lives with a member named José.  He's pretty legit.

One of our investigators appeared on the front page of the newspaper the other day.  He got arrested for being involved in selling guns...nice.

The water is back so were are living in our own house again.

My Spanish is getting better.  My goal is to be able to lose completely the gringo accent when speaking Spanish.  It is not easy though.

But, yeah, things are going.  The comp can be a little difficult at times and President Prince told me its because I'm getting ready for marriage, except in marriage there aren't any transfers...nice.

Elder Chase

Monday, July 15, 2013


Another week here in Villagorgona.  

Last Thursday was pretty cool.  Every Thursday we go to this place called Cabuyal.  It's a little town by Villagorgona.  We decided to go on bikes this time.  It was cool.  I felt like your typical missionary.

A couple days ago, there was a fire in Villagorgona.  It was pretty nuts.  It was less than a hundred meters from hitting the block where we live.  The funniest part was that all the Colombians didn't even notice or didn't even care.  People were just there playing soccer in the street or whatever.  It was pretty sweet.

Also, apparently Villagorgona has some issues with water.  From today until Friday, we are not gonna have water there.  So we are staying with the other missionaries in the district here in Cali.  We'll still go to Villagorgona in the day but we sleep in Cali.

We played microfútbol today like we usually do on p-days.  I must say I am getting a lot better than I was.  I scored the first 5 consecutive goals in the game.  It was pretty sweet.  I've caught the fútbol fever.

Speaking of fever, I also have the normal fever.  I had to stay home yesterday.  We went to church then we went home and I had to sleep because I was feeling pretty sick.  Saturday night was the worst though.  I woke up in the middle of the night and started shaking kinda uncontrollably for like 15 minutes and then got all hot and couldn't sleep so I had to take some stuff.  I feel better now.  Not 100 percent, but the worst has passed.

Elder Chase

Monday, July 8, 2013


So I've been here for about 5ish days in the new area with the new comp.  The area is way cool.  It's about 30 mins outside of Cali. It has way more of a open air kind of feel which is nice after being crammed in Cali for 3 months.  There are a lot of huge sugar cane fields.  The one thing that sucks though is that there are a lot of bugs in the house.  They're not small either.  Oh well. 

My comp is Elder L from Perú.  He's pretty cool.  We've got the exact same time in the mission.  He has some problems being obedient and is a little prideful sometimes, but were working on staying obedient and stuff.  He's good at talking with people and stuff which is nice.

Our area actually includes more than one pueblo.  Every Thursday we take a bus to some other town nearby.  It's pretty cool

My comp doesn't like soccer at all which kinda sucks for me now that I've caught the fútbol fever.

Todo está tranquilo en el momento.  Solamente tratando de conocer el área y todo eso.  Voy a dar todo lo que tengo éste año

Élder Chase

Monday, July 1, 2013

Ok, so first thing, something is wrong with the camera.  For now I can't take pics.   Sorry, that sucks.

We received the transfers yesterday.  I'm getting changes.  This Wednesday I'm going to a small city called Villagorgona.  It's about 15 mins outside of Cali.  The missionaries have only been there for 6 weeks.  It's even newer than Buenaventura when I went there.  They don't have a chapel or even a house chapel.  The people have to take a bus every Sunday down to a ward in Cali.  It should be sick!  I don't know if its gonna be easy, but it's definitely another cool opportunity President Prince has given me to go to a place where missionaries have basically never been.  I don't know too much yet, but just what pres has told me makes me pretty stoked!

Last Saturday we finally had a baptism.  Her name is Elizabeth S. M.  We were gonna have two, but one fell out the day before.  Anyways, I don't have pics due to the problem with my camera, but when we did the family night activity in presidents house, I think Hermana Prince put pics from it.  Elizabeth is the one in the red shirt.  It was pretty cool.  I got to baptize her too! 

Pero, sí hice todo lo posible para ayudar éste barrio y ahora estoy listo para las experiencias que la misión tenga para mi.

Élder Chase