Monday, October 28, 2013


So, first thing, the other week Elders D. and E. found Dr Pepper.  Probably one of the greatest moments of the mission, ha!

My 2 adult male converts here in Villa Gorgona both received the Melchizedek priesthood yesterday!  That should help a lot with the casa capilla cause.

So we're kinda in that awkward moment where we've baptized almost everyone we've been teaching and now we don't have many left who are interested.  This week is the kickoff week because in December we are going to try to break the record of baptisms in a month for the whole history of the mission.  September we came close with like 272 or something like that.  We got first in the whole South America Northeast Area which was sick, but in December we've gotta break 302, which they got in like 1980-something.  Gonna be nuts

Elder Musselman brought a football today.  It was legit.

Shout out to bish.  He was legit! (in reference to Bishop Smith from our ward, who is finishing his assignment this week).

Baptism of Geraldine and Libia

Monday, October 21, 2013


On Friday we had the baptisms of G. Obeso and L. Obeso.  It was sick.  I baptized Libia.  My camera wasn't working but the other elders took pics.   I'll try to get some.  and I didn't have a chance to grab my memory again.  I'll try to send pics next week.

So, today we had a big inter-zone microsoccer tournament.  It was sick.  We won the first game then lost the second and then won the 3rd against the best team 3 to 1.  They advanced due to the fact that they had scored more goals overall.  They won the whole thing too.  Oh well, at least we know we could beat the champions.  I did make one goal with my head.  It was sick. I made another one but they didn't count it.

Other than that, things are all good.  Transfers are coming up at the beginning of next month.  Chances are I'm leaving Gorgona. 

On the way back from the tournament, we still had our soccer  jerseys on.  Some cop stopped us and told us to be careful because we were entering the territory of another team from Colombia and that it might be kind of dangerous...nice.

One of our recent converts, Juan Carlos,  got the Aaronic Priesthood the other day.  Awesome.

Quiero disfrutar de lo que a lo mejor serán mis ultimas semanas aquí.  Espero que se pueda obtener la casa capilla para los santos de aquí.  La merecen.

élder chase

Monday, October 14, 2013


So last Saturday was Kelly's baptism.  She is the litter sister of Lina and I got to baptize her.  I didn't have time to get the memory, but I'll send pics next week.

Happy birthday dad.  

We went to the centro today and picked out soccer jerseys for the upcoming inter-zone tournament.  They're florescent green.  Pretty stoked.  

Well, I most likely have 2 more baptisms this Saturday.  They are Gerladín, 17 and her grandma Libia.  Her mom and aunt want to get baptized too, but they have to work some things out first.

I'll likely be getting transferred in a few weeks so I'm just trying to enjoy Gorgona while I'm here.  This is the longest time I've been working in one area.  Pretty sick.

vamos bien

élder chase

Monday, October 7, 2013


Things are going well in Gorgona.  Conference was good. I really liked Pres.  Uchtdorf's talk.  We got 8 people to come down to conference.

We have 2 possible baptisms this Saturday.  Kelly, the little sister of Lina, who just got baptized and Geraldín, who is the daughter of a family we contacted. The parents haven't been baptized and we haven't been able to talk much with the dad.

A lady in here is eating ice cream.  Looks good

My stomach hurts a bit due to a hot sauce eating contest we had in the zone today.

Yeah, just chugging along.  Things are going pretty well. 

Elder Chase