Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Colombia Missionary Training Center in Bogota

Hey everyone,

So I made it to Colombia.  I am in the MTC here it’s only one building. Our class is like right down the hall from our room. There are a lot of weird rules here that they have to have. We aren’t allowed to play futbol cause I guess too many people get hurt.

The food here is AWESOME. It’s nice cause they don’t have to mass produce 2500 meals so the actually take time to cook it nice. They have all sorts of weird juices that are really good.

The streets are like mario cart here in Bogota. There are no lanes and people drive around like maniacs and always honk their horns. }

Our group are the only white kids here. There was no one here when we got here on Tuesday except the 13 of us. 60 more Latinos showed up today.

I have a new companion now. It’s just one of the other white kids who was in the beginning Spanish class. His name is Elder B. They split our group up into 2 classes and Elder H. is in the other class with Elder E. as his new companion. I miss having him. Oh well.

Anyways I get to write again on Friday and the guy told me to short so I guess I’m done now.}

Elder Brandon Chase

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