Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hey everyone,

Elder Christofferson {I think that is how you spell it} came and gave a devotional in Spanish last Saturday. It was pretty sick (awesome). I got to shake his hand...yeah

I also went to temple today. Possibly for the last time for two years. Good stuff happening.

So we had to go to some immigration office the other day. After being driven through the "mario kart" streets of Bogota the guy was like "allí esta, buena suerte" and dropped us off in the middle of the city. It was pretty nuts trying to figure everything out on our own. Luckily, we all made it out alive though.

This food is finally starting to get to my stomach. Let's just say for the past 4 days it hasn't been fun.

Oh, I just got the package from the other Chases like 30 mins ago. That was pretty cool. It was fun to show everyone all the pictures and it was much appreciated.

Spanish is slowly getting better. The Latinos are getting sorta easier to understand but they still speak so fast and are merciless and never speak slower when we ask them to.

I have a new companion, Elder L. He is really chill. He's from Boise, Idaho.

There are six guys in my room. One of the guys is elder M. who you said you were talking with his mom.

I really like the city of Bogotá. It's really crowded and pretty ghetto, but in a cool way. There's a lot of graffiti and stuff but it’s still a pretty sick place. I'm looking forward to getting to Cali though. I'm ready for some heat after having been in the cold for a while. It's nuts to think that in a week I will have a companion and be talking to people in the Spanish too. Geez!. I'm nervous but I'm stoked anyway.

Oh yeah, they're gonna give us a CD with all the pictures they've taken of us because they don't let us use our cameras here.

Oh yeah, it turns out it wasn't a good idea to bring all my sunflower seeds into the country. Something about it being illegal to bring large amounts of certain things and apparently 15 bags of sunflower seeds would have fallen under that category. So turns out if they had noticed, I may have gotten detained in the Bogotá airport. That would have been a fun first experience. Luckily I'm here.

We leave for Cali on Tuesday, I think. Pretty stoked.

Geez!, ok so I don't really have much time left. The timer is blinking red at me in the corner. Next time I email you guys, I should be out in the field. Pretty legit!

Cada día trato de estudiar mas sobre español y el evangelio. Es dificíl, y siempre tengo un dolor de cabeza, pero se que será mejor en el campo. Tal vez no será mas facíl pero hace mucho tiempo que yo he estoy en el CCM. Se que si yo hiciera mi mejor, Dios me ayudaría. Es bueno que tengamos el don de langues porque sé que sería imposible si Dios no nos ayudara.

See you in 2

Elder Brandon Chase

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