Monday, April 29, 2013


So last week was pretty legit. Elder Bednar spoke to the mission. It was way legit. I learned a lot of stuff. He reminded us that we are never the teachers. The Spirit is always the teacher. He also talked about how when you ask questions, you never want to play "guess whats in my head." Basically, any question that already has a specific answer isn't a good question. He also taught a good exercise to help if you want to learn more about something or really move something from your head to your heart. You should take a paperback copy of the Book of Mormon and read it cover to cover marking and writing in the margin every time it covers a specific topic like the atonement, repentance, forgiveness etc. He said if you do that, by the end of your life you should have a bookshelf full of Book of Mormons. He said you can do it on the same topic more than once, but do it without reading your notes from the first time. When you finish, you can write about what you learned in a one page summary inside the front cover of the book. On the spine of the book, you write the subject, Atonement 1, atonement 2, forgiveness 1, etc. He also said he never lets anyone read his, because that defeats the purpose of helping people learn for themselves. Every time his kids ask to read them he says "no," they have to do it. And they asked, "what about when you die?" and he was like"I will burn them all before I die (joke)" haha. But his testimony at the end, dang son! it was pretty legit! Look for his talk called "Learning and Faith" in like 2006 or something like that. That's basically what he taught us. At the end, I got to shake his hand. It was sick!

Elder C. and I are doing well. I found out that part of my assignment here is to set a good example for my companion. We're trying to do everything we can to turn things around. We've found a few good investigators.

El sábado pasado fue chévere es probable que yo jamás tenga una oportunidad así. Vamos adelante como siempre. Nos vemos en catorce.

Élder Chase

Elder Chumacero

Elder W. and Elder D.
A parade outside of their apartment - at 8:00AM!

Monday, April 22, 2013


Another week here in Ciudad Modelo. Sorry I haven't really had a whole lot of time to take pictures. I didn't bring my camera this time but I'll send some next week.

We had two investigators come to church last week. They are Caterine and Maria F. or "Mafer." They have been to Buenaventura a bunch and their mom is from there, which is pretty sweet. I've been meeting a bunch of people who are from there.
Elder D. and I were asked to give talks last Sunday on missionary work. The ward mission leader here is the bishop's son, who just got back from his mission in Peru about two months ago. He told me to "light into" the ward a little bit, but with love. Next week I'll bring the talk and scan it and send it. I basically told them that fear comes from Satan and that the only way we can get rid of it (fear) and share the gospel is by replacing it with love as seen in Moroni 8:16 - "Wo be unto them that shall pervert the ways of the Lord after this manner, for they shall perish except they repent. Behold, I speak with boldness, having aauthority from God; and I fear not what man can do; for bperfect clove dcasteth out all fear."

We're really just trying to help the ward here. I've never been a big fan of knocking on doors. Not just because it's boring and has a low chance of success, but I know if I was at home and two people wanted to bother me, I'd be annoyed...haha. We're really trying to work with the members here and get their trust.

I know the letters haven't been very detailed. I'll try to work on that. It's hard when you only get an hour to read and respond.

Pero todavía vamos adelante. Me he dado cuenta de que los miembros realmente determinan como va la obra en cualquier area. Entonces, sigan adelante con la obra. Nos vemos
Elder Chase

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Alright, so I'm back in Cali now. My zone is called Villa Colmbia and my area is Ciudad Modelo I. Before, in Limonar, I was in the nice part of Cali. Now, not as much. This place is pretty sketchy... haha. There are a lot of "red zones" or areas we are not allowed to enter. The work has been really slow. When I got here there wasn't a single progressing investigator. We're basically starting from scratch.

My companion is Elder C. from Peru. We have the same time in the mission. He's a recent convert from 2 years ago. We're going to try to turn this place around and have some good success. We are going to have to work way hard though, but nothing is impossible. Only the two of us live in the house, which is a lot different than 6 in Buenaventura. After 4 1/2 months in Buenaventura, Cali feels almost cool now, haha. All the other missionaries are always complaining about the heat and I've barely broken a sweat, haha.

The one investigator we have is Snyder. He's 17 and has been seeing the missionaries for 2 years now. We're trying to figure out what he needs. Even Pres Prince has talked to him, but nobody has been able to get him to commit to baptism.

A little side note that made me feel good: Elder C. is a little new to the church and the mission has been kind of hard for him. But, President Prince called me out of the blue the other day and told me that Elder C. told him he was happy with me as his companion and that we were trying to be obedient and work hard. Then President Prince thanked me for being a good example to my companion. Yeah... haha...felt kinda good.

Ahora vamos a romper este lugar. Vamos a despertar a los miembros aquí y tener muchisimos bautismos. No será fácil pero todo es possible. Vamos a buscar un milagro aquí.

Elder Chase

Monday, April 8, 2013


So my time in Buenaventura is finally over. After 4 and a half months, I am getting transferred. I'm going back to Cali. To the other side of the city this time. It's gonna be tough leaving here. It's the first area where I've really been able to build relationships with the members and investigators. But I'm ready for whatever the mish has to throw at me. I've heard some things about my new area, should be interesting. I haven't been there yet, so I don't know, but it sounds like they need help and aren't having any success. We'll see what happens. Elder H. is going to Tuluá, Elder A. to Palmira. and Elder M. to my zone in Cali. Oh yeah, my "dad elder" I. is coming to Buenaventura to be a zone leader.

Conference was great. We basically got most of it, but the internet here isn't too good. I didn't bring my notes, but here a are few things that stood out for me. I remember how Pres. Uchtdorf reminded us how Satan wants us to define ourselves by the bad things we've done, and how we can't let him make us do it. I really liked Elder Packer and Elder Eyering's testimonies at the end of their talks. It's always powerful when an apostle bears witness of the savior. I liked Elder Christofferson too, but I'm probably just biased because I shook his hand when he was here...haha.

He aprendido mucho en mi tiempo aquí y será difícil dejar este lugar. Pero sé que me he esforzado mucho y que voy a esforzarme siempre por ser obediente y trabajar duro. Nos vemos.

Elder Chase

Monday, April 1, 2013


Last week there we had some baptisms! Elder F. and had one, Melany,  the little sister of Janni. It was cool. We were a little disappointed because we planned on having three baptisms, but one is still having problems with the law of chastity and the the other's family members are all Jehovas' Witnesses and we think they and her "friends" did something so we couldn't contact her and she wouldn't get baptized. Anyways, were gonna keep working with them and try to find some new people too.

Spanish is coming along. It's a good thing I learned how to roll my R's before my mission because you can't really become fluent without being able to do it, haha.

Next week there are transfers. It's probable that Elder H., A. and I will leave BV. I'd love to stay, but I have been here four and a half months and will probably be transferred.

On April 27th, President Bednar of the quorum of the twelve apostles is coming to our mission. Should be sick! This will be the second apostle I've seen in my time in the mission. I don't know if he speaks Spanish or if he has a translator or how its gonna work, but it should be awesome!

Que pena que no haya más tiempo pero ya está cerrando la tienda. Nos vemos.