Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hey everyone!

I actually get 30 mins to write today. Things are going pretty well. It's different having a companion who doesn't speak Spanish as well as me so sometimes I have to take the lead when we are teaching. But he's gotten better now and we both contribute in the lesson. It makes me really grateful that I studied some Spanish before I got here.

Most of the days have been basically the same. We spend a lot of time in the classroom. We have gym time in the morning, so the only break we get in the middle of the day is for 45 mins of lunch.

It's really hard to understand the natives sometime. The ones from the Dominican Republic are the worst. There have been plenty of awkward moments where someone tries to say something funny to me and I have no idea what they said so I can't laugh at their joke and it's just weird.. But it is cool when I actually understand them and talk to them.

I'm really anxious to go exploring around here. We feel kinda trapped cause we’re in this new cool country and we haven't seen any of it besides the MTC basically. We get to go to the Bogota temple on Wednesday so I'm excited for that cause we will actually see some of the city. Also on our last Saturday, before we leave, we get to out with a native missionary and proselyte.

Oh yeah, and Elder M. is sitting next to me and he is upset he didn't get an email from his family so tell his mom to make sure she writes him haha.

Entonces, espero que toda esté bien alli en los Estados. Me gusta los partes de la cuidad de Bogotá que he visto y quiero ver la cuidad de Cali tambien. No me siento listo pero sé que mediante el espíritu puedo hacer cualquier cosa. he aprendido much y sé que aprederé mas. estoy poquito preocupado porque mi español no es bueno y muchas veces no entiendo los latinos aqui pero tenemos el don de lenguas y tenemos el espíritu. sé que el Libro de Mormon es verdadero y puede cambiar las vidas. estoy agradecido por los maestros y presidente Hall y mi distrito. Escribiré otra vez el viernes. vayan con Dios

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  1. How are you adjusting to the cultural differences and the language issues?

    Did you here about Rock Center Documentary Mitt Romney and the LDS church? Informative but terribly basic.

    Be blessed in your endeavors

    Aunt Lynn