Friday, August 10, 2012

Hey everyone

So yeah there is an Elder M if that's who you are talking about. He’s not in my district.  I think he is in the beginner class but I've seen him before. He knows my companion really well he pole vaulted with him and he will be going to Colombia the same day as us.

Oh yeah Chance got here on Saturday. He lives like 2 rooms away from me hahaha. I was stoked to see him. Dave will get here on the 22nd so I won’t see him. Oh and I saw Tyler Kesler in the cafeteria that was cool.

Sorry I took a 3 hour nap today and it really cut into my email time, dinner started 5 minutes ago but I’ll try to say as much stuff as possible.

I scored my second goal ever in soccer yesterday. That was sick.

I’m in a Lab full of kids trying to learn Mandarin. Creo que espanol es poquito mas facil. but yeah

entonces, quiero escribir mas pero tenemos que cenar. estoy agradecido por la oportunidad a ir a Colombia este martes. Ojala que vayamos con seguridad. no me siento listo hablar espanol siempre, pero se que podemos aprender rapidamente mediante el don de linguas. pues, en las palabras de Wiz Khalifa, trabaje duro juege duro. y en las palabras de Jacob, "oh sed prudentes, que mas puedo decir?" yea.

Elder Brandon Chase

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