Monday, June 24, 2013


So last Tuesday President Prince invited us to do a family home evening type of activity in his house.  It's a pretty cool chance.  He told us that it isn't worth doing it if we were only gonna bring 3 people, though.  It was a lot of pressure and craziness, but we were able to get 8 investigators there and the sisters brought 3.  It was pretty cool.  

If everything works out, we should have 2 baptisms.  One is pretty set and the other is like maybe.  It could go either way.  We're doing everything we can to get these poeple in the water.  We had 7 investigators from us come to church and the sisters had 4.  That's the most investigators this ward has had in a while. The ward was in danger of becoming a branch,  but this last Sunday, there were so many people that some had to sit on the stage in the back.

Oh yeah, another cool thing;  There's a gringo visiting his wife's family here in the ward and he came with them on Sunday.  He's from Provo and doesn't speak hardly any Spanish.  So guess who got to be his translator all day?    I'm not gonna lie, it was way harder than I thought it would be.  It's one thing when your brain is in Spanish mode and your just listening, but when your listening in Spanish then switching to English in a way that makes sense for the guy, it's hard.  Especially if you miss one sentence and you lose the topic. it's just impossible. It was cool though.

Esperamos que tengamos bautismos por la primera vez aquí este sábado.  Vamos a ver.  Sé que esta obra cambia vidas y estoy agradecido por la oportunidad de ser una herramienta en las manos del señor.

Élder Chase

Monday, June 17, 2013

Dressed for futbol on Pday

View from my house in Ciudad Modelo, Cali, Colombia

Another view from my house in Ciudad Modelo, Cali, Colombia


This Saturday we might have baptisms.  Should be sick.  President Prince invited us to do a family home evening type activity in his house tomorrow.  Should be sweet.  There's a lot of pressure on us to make sure we get a lot of people there.  Should be nuts.  

We played more soccer today. I've gotten a lot better, but still have a ways to go to catch up with these guys.

I'm still the only gringo in the zone.

Elder D. and I have the same time in the mish and usually have pretty good ideas, so we've been doing pretty well lately.  Elder T. is kinda just there, although we try to get him more involved.

I'm still teaching English every Thursday.  It's pretty funny.  At this point, I end up correcting the Spanish grammar of my comps more than they correct mine.  Although, I'm still trying to lose the gringo accent.  It doesn't help that I already have a weird voice to start with...  oh well.

Esperamos que las persona se bauticen este sábado.  Hemos trabajado mucho y esperamos poder ver los frutos del trabajo para que estas personas puedan tener las bendiciones que el Señor tiene para ellas.  Vamos bien.

Élder Chase

Monday, June 3, 2013


Things are going alright.  

There are sisters in the ward now.  Now we're 4 elders and 2 sisters all sharing this little ward.  The area isn't very big and it's got a good amount of "red zones" (off limits - too dangerous).

My comp is pretty reserved and doesn't talk much.  I basically take the lead in everything.  But it's okay because, at this point, I have enough basic knowledge of how to be a missionary, ha!

Sorry not too much time.  I was too worried about the pics.  Later

Elder Chase

We finally get to see how Elder Chase is living.  Here are some pictures of his house in Cuidad Modelo: