Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hey everyone,

So we just arrived in Cali and we learned where we are going and stuff. I am going south to a place called Pasto. Apparently it’s up in the mountains and it's really cold and it has a lot of native-American people. My first comp is going to be Elder I., I think.  Apparently he's easy to get along with and President said he's not the kind of person to be obnoxious or in your face, which is good. According to President the Pasto area is on fire right now as far as baptisms and stuff so that should be cool. I'm a little bummed because I was looking forward to some heat after the cold in Bogota, but they say Pasto is pretty cool so well see. I'm pretty stoked to get out there.  I'll meet my comp tomorrow and then it will be only Spanish from then on. Also, I just got handed 5 dearelders from Jordan that were waiting for me here... haha. Anyways, I need to go get my 200 bucks worth of pesos now. Later.

Elder Chase
All the new missionaries with President and Sis. Prince

Elder Chase with President and Sis. Prince

Elder Chase with Elder I.

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