Monday, April 29, 2013


So last week was pretty legit. Elder Bednar spoke to the mission. It was way legit. I learned a lot of stuff. He reminded us that we are never the teachers. The Spirit is always the teacher. He also talked about how when you ask questions, you never want to play "guess whats in my head." Basically, any question that already has a specific answer isn't a good question. He also taught a good exercise to help if you want to learn more about something or really move something from your head to your heart. You should take a paperback copy of the Book of Mormon and read it cover to cover marking and writing in the margin every time it covers a specific topic like the atonement, repentance, forgiveness etc. He said if you do that, by the end of your life you should have a bookshelf full of Book of Mormons. He said you can do it on the same topic more than once, but do it without reading your notes from the first time. When you finish, you can write about what you learned in a one page summary inside the front cover of the book. On the spine of the book, you write the subject, Atonement 1, atonement 2, forgiveness 1, etc. He also said he never lets anyone read his, because that defeats the purpose of helping people learn for themselves. Every time his kids ask to read them he says "no," they have to do it. And they asked, "what about when you die?" and he was like"I will burn them all before I die (joke)" haha. But his testimony at the end, dang son! it was pretty legit! Look for his talk called "Learning and Faith" in like 2006 or something like that. That's basically what he taught us. At the end, I got to shake his hand. It was sick!

Elder C. and I are doing well. I found out that part of my assignment here is to set a good example for my companion. We're trying to do everything we can to turn things around. We've found a few good investigators.

El sábado pasado fue chévere es probable que yo jamás tenga una oportunidad así. Vamos adelante como siempre. Nos vemos en catorce.

Élder Chase

Elder Chumacero

Elder W. and Elder D.
A parade outside of their apartment - at 8:00AM!

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