Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Alright, so I'm back in Cali now. My zone is called Villa Colmbia and my area is Ciudad Modelo I. Before, in Limonar, I was in the nice part of Cali. Now, not as much. This place is pretty sketchy... haha. There are a lot of "red zones" or areas we are not allowed to enter. The work has been really slow. When I got here there wasn't a single progressing investigator. We're basically starting from scratch.

My companion is Elder C. from Peru. We have the same time in the mission. He's a recent convert from 2 years ago. We're going to try to turn this place around and have some good success. We are going to have to work way hard though, but nothing is impossible. Only the two of us live in the house, which is a lot different than 6 in Buenaventura. After 4 1/2 months in Buenaventura, Cali feels almost cool now, haha. All the other missionaries are always complaining about the heat and I've barely broken a sweat, haha.

The one investigator we have is Snyder. He's 17 and has been seeing the missionaries for 2 years now. We're trying to figure out what he needs. Even Pres Prince has talked to him, but nobody has been able to get him to commit to baptism.

A little side note that made me feel good: Elder C. is a little new to the church and the mission has been kind of hard for him. But, President Prince called me out of the blue the other day and told me that Elder C. told him he was happy with me as his companion and that we were trying to be obedient and work hard. Then President Prince thanked me for being a good example to my companion. Yeah... haha...felt kinda good.

Ahora vamos a romper este lugar. Vamos a despertar a los miembros aquí y tener muchisimos bautismos. No será fácil pero todo es possible. Vamos a buscar un milagro aquí.

Elder Chase

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