Monday, November 5, 2012

Hey everyone

So I haven’t send any pictures yet cause the truth is I haven’t really taken any cause there hasn’t been much to take pictures of or time to take pictures. Although I think we are supposed to go somewhere today where I can.

Also the other day our zone went down to the stake center to do something about some choir. I don’t really know what was happening and I didn’t really want to be a part of it ESPECIALY when the lady started making us go up to the piano one by one and go la la la LA LA la la to whatever notes she was playing. It was dumb and embarrassing but what I didn’t know is that was basically like tryouts to see if we were good enough to be in the multistake Christmas choiring. And apparently I did good enough to where I get to be in it. I didn’t really care at the time but turns out not all of the missionaries get to do it. So then we had the first practice yesterday and it was awesome. I was with the bajos, or the basses which is fine with me cause the low notes are way easier to hit. Anyways so yeah the 3 songs we are singing are like 3 of my favorites. Santa La Noche, Din Don, and Qué hijo es este. which are Holy night, Ding Dong, and What Child is This. I’m not really all about choirs and stuff but it was actually pretty fun and A nice break from the usual routine. I got to see Elder E. from my district in Bogotá and Elder L. my 3rd MTC companion which was pretty cool. so yeah imp pretty glad I get to be in it cause all the missionaries who didn’t make it had to just sit there and watch for 2 hours.

That’s cool about Holmes Clark and Hammer being ZLs. I finish my training this transfer and after that I can be anything which is a scary thought cause I don’t feel prepared to be even a DL.

As far as everything else goes I’ve just been trying to keep a positive attitude which is really freakin hard sometimes. The mission is way harder than I ever imagined it would be but at the same time I’m glad I’m here. I’m just trying to enjoy every moment cause I know it will all be over someday and just be a bunch of memories. I’ve learned that the busier you are the faster the time goes by but when you don’t do anything that day it goes by soo slow. Spanish is coming along ok. I’m just glad I speak as much as I do cause I met another elder this week from Arizona who’s been here 8 months and speaks worse than me so yeah it could always be worse.

se aprende mucho durante la misión. Ya he tendido experiencias buenas y malas y todavía estoy en el principio. Trabajo más duro que he trabajado en toda me vida. No les voy a mentir, a veces estoy tan aburrido especialmente por las mañanas cuando debemos tener estudio compañerismo y mi compañero esta dormido. Pero ya llevo cuatro meses en la misión y se que va a pasar rápido. entonces espero que estén bien y gracias por escribirme. nos vemos en dos.

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