Monday, October 29, 2012

Hey everyone.

I've been here in Cali for a little while now and things are still going really slow. I'm not exactly sure, but I think I'm in the south/south east part of Cali. The people here have a lot more money than the people in Pasto which is cool in some ways and makes things way harder in others.

I haven't had a headache since I got here. I'm thinking it may have been the altitude because I only got them in Bogotá and Pasto. I also bought a pair of cheap sunglasses like Hermana Prince told me so I don’t squint as much in the sun anymore.

So, our church building is always full of these bugs called cucarones. They're basically cockroaches that can fly. It really makes being in the building stressful and it doesn't help that everyone likes to make fun of the fact that they creep me out.

Fun fact: So the sewage system here all goes to a river thing that runs through the middle of the city. Because of this, whenever we get near it we get to smell the poop and pee of every person that has gone to the bathroom in the city. Also, apparently there are a lot of bacteria in the air because of this. It’s a miracle that I haven't gotten parasites or anything yet. Although, I did get a really bad stomach ache a week ago.

I did have the chance to talk to one of the gringos who is in my mtc group and it sounds like everyone is having the same sort of experience. Everyone has had some sort of stomach problems and the majority have had companion problems too. Makes me feel lucky for having had Elder I.

Also, I don't know if you guys realize how appreciated the packages are. They feel kind of like what I imagine a care package in the middle of a war would be. Especially the face products are appreciated. If you guys get around to sending another package, more of the same face soap would be greatly, greatly appreciated...and more of those face pads wouldn't hurt either. But seriously, the packages are great I don't trust the hygiene products they sell here anyway.

Entonces en este momento las cosas son un poquito difícil pero la cosa que me ayuda es la esperanza que será mejor con tiempo. Estoy tratando de se lo mejor misionero que puedo. Sé que esta obra es tan importante y estiy agradecido por la opurtunidad que tengo. Me alegro que estén bien. Si piensan en semanas, no hay mucho tiempo hasta que yo vuelva a casa. Pero ustedes pueden hacer las matemáticas. Listo que estén bien y sigan adelante.

Elder Chase

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