Monday, October 1, 2012

Hey everyone

So we had another baptism Saturday. She is 12 and her name is Gabriela. It was pretty cool.

As a zone we did really well this week. For the month we averaged 4 baptisms per companionship.

And yeah, I do like the when you guys send pics with the emails. I printed out some and showed them to the people down here.

The volcano basically looks like a mountain. It does make me uncomfortable sometimes but I usually don't think about it.

For the most part, things have really been the same. Elder I. and I are always busy with investigators and finding new people to teach.

Oh yeah, so yesterday we were knocking doors and we found a door that had a sign above it that said, "Esta familia es cristiana, la casa está abierta para cualquier persona que quiera conversar acerca de nuestro señor Jesus."

translation: This family is Christian. The house is open for anyone who wants to converse about our Lord Jesus.

So, of course, we knocked the door and some guy answered and Elder I. said "Hello, we came because of the sign. We'd like to talk with you about Jesus." And, of course, the guy made up some excuse that he already knew of Christ or something and didn't want to talk to us. I thought it was kinda ironic... haha.

So anyway, let me know what you guys want to know and I look forward to hearing from you the next Monday. Later

Entonces entiendo un poco mas cada día pero todavía es difícil. Me dijeron que los primeros meses son lo mas difíciles y sé que eso es verdadero. Pero es bueno que yo haya tenido clases antes porque muchos de los misoneros que empezaron el misión conmigo hablan peor y sé que podría ser más difícil para mi. Sé que no hay otro lugar en el mundo donde debo estar. Me encanta las personas aunque no las entiendo. Me alegro que todo esté bien allí. Hasta el próximo lunes.

Elder Chase

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