Monday, September 24, 2012

Hey everyone

Aight, so we had the Noche Blanca on Saturday. It was sick (awesome). Elder I. and I had 2 baptisms. With the whole zone it was like 12. So yeah, I got to baptize one of them. His name is Juan G. I'll send a couple pics. It was pretty legit. President Prince was there.

So yeah, president Prince is awesome. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Fun fact, turns out I have A+ blood type.

Oh yeah, also on Saturday, I taught an English class. It was pretty cool. It was all little kids, moms, and a few teenage girls. I am gonna be teaching an English class Every Saturday now. Pretty legit!

Also...I tried Cuy for the first time on Sunday at the house of the people we baptized. Cuy is the roasted guinea pig. It was really disturbing to see them impale the dead guinea pig on a stick and slowly roast it over coals and then slice it up. I didn't really like the taste very much, it’s kinda like fish.

Anyways, still working hard. Oh and to answer the question about where we live, it is an apartment I sent some pics of it I think. It’s pretty small and my head almost touches the ceiling. It was kind of nasty at the beginning but I've done some cleaning and its better.

Entonces las cosas estàn mejorando poco a poco. Todavía es difícil entender pero sè que la idioma vendrá con tiempo y trabajo duro. He aprendido mucho y sè que aprenderè mas. Nos vemos.

 Elder Chase
La familia Guacales with Elders Chase and I.
Brandon's first baptism while serving in Colombia. Juan G. y su esposa

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