Monday, July 1, 2013

Ok, so first thing, something is wrong with the camera.  For now I can't take pics.   Sorry, that sucks.

We received the transfers yesterday.  I'm getting changes.  This Wednesday I'm going to a small city called Villagorgona.  It's about 15 mins outside of Cali.  The missionaries have only been there for 6 weeks.  It's even newer than Buenaventura when I went there.  They don't have a chapel or even a house chapel.  The people have to take a bus every Sunday down to a ward in Cali.  It should be sick!  I don't know if its gonna be easy, but it's definitely another cool opportunity President Prince has given me to go to a place where missionaries have basically never been.  I don't know too much yet, but just what pres has told me makes me pretty stoked!

Last Saturday we finally had a baptism.  Her name is Elizabeth S. M.  We were gonna have two, but one fell out the day before.  Anyways, I don't have pics due to the problem with my camera, but when we did the family night activity in presidents house, I think Hermana Prince put pics from it.  Elizabeth is the one in the red shirt.  It was pretty cool.  I got to baptize her too! 

Pero, sí hice todo lo posible para ayudar éste barrio y ahora estoy listo para las experiencias que la misión tenga para mi.

Élder Chase   

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