Monday, July 22, 2013


So, first thing, a shout out to Jordan who got call to Puerto Rico.  So sick.  Second thing, Brandon Beck got a call to Colombia.  Nice

Things are alright.  We have a for sure baptism this Saturday, and maybe another.  His name is Germán.  He's like 45 and lives with a member named José.  He's pretty legit.

One of our investigators appeared on the front page of the newspaper the other day.  He got arrested for being involved in selling guns...nice.

The water is back so were are living in our own house again.

My Spanish is getting better.  My goal is to be able to lose completely the gringo accent when speaking Spanish.  It is not easy though.

But, yeah, things are going.  The comp can be a little difficult at times and President Prince told me its because I'm getting ready for marriage, except in marriage there aren't any transfers...nice.

Elder Chase

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