Monday, July 8, 2013


So I've been here for about 5ish days in the new area with the new comp.  The area is way cool.  It's about 30 mins outside of Cali. It has way more of a open air kind of feel which is nice after being crammed in Cali for 3 months.  There are a lot of huge sugar cane fields.  The one thing that sucks though is that there are a lot of bugs in the house.  They're not small either.  Oh well. 

My comp is Elder L from Perú.  He's pretty cool.  We've got the exact same time in the mission.  He has some problems being obedient and is a little prideful sometimes, but were working on staying obedient and stuff.  He's good at talking with people and stuff which is nice.

Our area actually includes more than one pueblo.  Every Thursday we take a bus to some other town nearby.  It's pretty cool

My comp doesn't like soccer at all which kinda sucks for me now that I've caught the fútbol fever.

Todo está tranquilo en el momento.  Solamente tratando de conocer el área y todo eso.  Voy a dar todo lo que tengo éste año

Élder Chase

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