Monday, March 25, 2013


This week flew by. Elder F. and I have been working like crazy. Out of the 4 new people who went to church the other Sunday, 3 came again and all have baptisimal dates for this weekend on the 30th! Their names are Sujei (30 something), Paola(18) and Melany(8). Melany's parents aren't members of the church so she is a convert. She is also the little sister of Janni, who was batpized last week. We've tried to get their mom to come to church but she hasn't yet.

Things are looking pretty good. We are gonna work hard this week to get our fechas in the water and confirmed this week. That would be 4 baptisms this month, which would be pretty good.

We've really been working with the members a lot to help these people. It's kinda hard when there are 8 missionaries all sharing one branch and there's only so many church members who can really help. We are trying to bring members to lessons and we organized a movie night that a member is gonna have. He invited 2 investigators, one who has committed to baptism, to watch the testaments. We had to help him with the refreshments and the movie.

Oh yeah, cool experience: In BV when it rains, the whole world stops. Normally we have about 100 people every Sunday, but the Sundays it has rained we had like 40 to 50 with 0 investigators. Last Sunday it was pouring rain in the morning, so we all prayed as districts that either the rain could stop or the people could have to courage to come to church in spite of the rain. Within 5 minutes of praying, the heavy rain was down to sprinkling, and within 10, it stopped completely. Pretty sick (cool)!
Entonces estamos haciendo todo lo posible para que estas personas entren en el agua este fin de semana.

Elder Chase

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