Monday, March 4, 2013


So I turned 20 yesterday. Pretty cool. Didn't really do anything for it, but it was cool knowing that I've hit the 20s, haha.

Fun fact - the missionaries did a special musical number "La Oración del niño" ("A Child's Prayer," in english?). Anyway, we did it in English and Spanish and I did a nice little part with the recorder that I found earlier in my mission, haha. My first public musical performance, haha.

Also, President and Hermana Prince came down for the branch conference yesterday. It was cool. They both gave great talks. Pres Prince's was about when he unknowingly tried to pay for something with a false 20000 pesos bill and the person wouldn't accept it. He was like, "Well I don't even see the difference in size or letters or anything" and the person was like, "Sorry but the differences are there. That's not the bill accepted by the government." He compared it to baptism and how some other churches may perform baptisms similar to ours, but lack the proper priesthood authority from heaven. It was cool.

One of the 11 gringos that arrived at the same time as me in the mission is going home next week beause he got intestinal infection. Sucks for him. I sure hope that doesn't happen to me, haha.

Also there's a whole bunch of blocks and stuff going on between cities in Colombia. At this moment, no one can get in our out of Buenaventura. President Prince told us to go stock up on food today because if nothing can get in, food prices are gonna shoot up and were not gonna have any food here in the city. It's nuts!. I think all transfers have been canceled because no one can move around. I mean, I was gonna stay here anyway, but still it's nuts.

De todas maneras todo está bein aquí. Este cambio que viene vamosa trabajar mucho mas con los miembros porque hemos visto que tres de los 4 bautismos que Élder F. y yo hemos tenido aquí han sido familiares de miembros.

Que estén bien

Elder Chase

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