Monday, February 25, 2013


Okay, so last week was a mission changing week. We set a goal as a district here in Buenaventura as 6 missionaries, or 3 companionships, to find 100 new investigators for each companionship. It was an entire week of contacting people and teaching them the message of the restoration in about 5 minutes. We ended up the week finding 102 each companionship, making it 306 as a district. That slaughtered anything I had ever heard of before or I had ever done. It was awesome!

It started on Tuesday when Elder F. and I were talking to some people outside of some store on the corner and we were like "hey, we can teach you guys something?" So we went over and sat down on this rock and taught about the restoration to a group of like 30 people. It was like John the Baptist or Jesus sitting on a rock back in the day preaching to the was awesome! Afterwards, we told them that anyone who wanted a Book of Mormon could have one. We only had like 6 on us at the time, so we gave those out and had to sprint down to the apartment and fill our backpacks up with more books and gave them out to all the people. We ended up giving out both backpack fulls of Books of Mormon and had to sprint back to the apartment to fill them up again and we gave them all out again! We ended up giving out a box and a half of Books of Mormon which is like 50 to 60. It was awesome. We just told everyone they had to read the book and ask God if its true and they could have one. We've found some people who have already read and prayed about it and have a testimony of it without even really knowing what it was way awesome.

Oh yeah, and for the first time in my mission, I am staying in the same area with the same companion for more than one transfer. Woot.

We met someone the other day who had a pet sloth. I got to pet it. It was legit.

La semana pasada fue loco pero fue chévere. Queremos que las personas tengan un testimonio del Libro de Mormón para que puedan superar todas las dificultades. Vamos bien. Estamos trabajando todos los días y disfruto de cada minuto. Nos vemos.

Elder Chase

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