Monday, January 7, 2013

Hey everyone!

Another week of sweating here in Buenaventura. Things are going well. We have transfers tonight but I doubt I'm going anywhere. I'm basically positive Elders H., A. and I will stay and the other three will go and we’ll get 3 new guys. The first time I stay in an area more than a month and a half hopefully, ha.

We’re working hard with this one family we contacted that we call the familia de Magnolia. They're really great, especially for being just a family that we talked to on the street. We definitely got some help from above with that one.

We went to some river place with some of the members for pday today. The best part was getting there. In order to get there we had to go on this thing that basically was a piece of wood with wheels attached. You put it on railroad tracks then attach a motorcycle and you just go. The back wheel of the motorcycle pushes it. We went way fast... it was sick. Really dangerous, but sick.

One thing I've really been learning lately is that it's super important to teach PEOPLE, not just LESSONS. We've been working with this one girl, Maricela, and we could never figure out why she wouldn't read the Book of Mormon. I had a feeling that there was something wrong and those feelings were confirmed when we found out she actually doesn't know how to read.  If we had just pounded along with the usual routine and treated her like every other investigator, we may have thought that she was just lazy and didn't want to read. We may have interpreted it as disinterest and stopped visiting her. But instead, we tried to reach out to her specifically and we found the problem . It was really cool.

En èste momento todo està muy bien. No sè si me voy a ir con los cambios mañana pero lo dudo. Tampoco sè porquè los tildes estàn al revès. De todas maneras, vamos bien aquì. ya sè que cuando vuelva a casa, serè una persona diferente. Solo quiero ayudar las personas aquì a cambiar sus vidas y lo voy a hacer lo mejor que puedo. Nos vemos.

Elder Chase

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