Monday, January 21, 2013


Things are going well. This week was super stressful all the way through Saturday. Last week was the week of "si o siembra" where basically we had to find as many new investigators as possible. The mission goal was 15 for each companionship for the week. Elder F. and I put 40 as our goal. The whole mission is having the regular interviews with President Prince and he said he is really impressed with our goal and he is assuming that we, of course, we’re gonna achieve it. This was on Tuesday, so I was really stressed Saturday night when we only had 20 out of 40. We had one day left and still needed half to get to the goal we set. So Sunday, after church, we just went out and decided to go find the investigators we needed. The Lord really helped us and we worked hard and ended up finding 33 that day for a total of 53 in the week. It really was a blessing. I was feeling really down, especially Sunday morning, but my companion and I just did our best and the Lord helped us.

If things go well we should have 4 or 5 baptisms this Saturday. It’s been tough because I've been moving around so much that I haven't had the chance to see the results of my work. I haven't seen a baptism since September, so this Saturday will be pretty cool.

Also the family of Magnolia in my old area, the 3 daughters are getting baptized this Saturday. It is so cool to see what has happened with them from the very first day when Elder A. and I contacted them outside their house. Now they all have super powerful testimonies of the Book of Mormon. Oh yeah, two of them, in the 6 or 7 weeks that it has been since we gave them The Book of Mormon, have read the entire thing. It is way cool to see how they have gained such powerful testimonies. Y., one of them, isn't even baptized yet and the branch president put her in the class where they teach people how to become teachers so that she can teach already!

Sé que El Señor en verdad nos bendice cuando hacemos su voluntad. Fue difícil la semana pasada pero ya hemos visto los frutos. Vamos bien y nos vemos en dos.

Élder Chase

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