Monday, January 14, 2013

Hey everyone

Okay, so good news and bad news with the transfers. The good news is that I´m still in Buenaventura. The bad news is I got changed from La Isla to another area called La Marina. So that officially makes it 4 different areas in four transfers. Oh yeah, and four different companions. Elder A stayed in the Isla and I am in the Marina with Elder F from Santiago, Chile. It's been really stressful this week. What happened is that they changed out 3 of the 6 missionaries here and 2 of them were both in the same area, La marina. So what happens is president moves me to their area with a new comp. It has been super stressful trying to find where all the investigators live and get to know the investigators and all that. Elder F is good though. 

So, one cool thing though is, remember when I did the whole shouting out in the street "clase de ingles" thing? Well, it turned out that out of all the people we met doing that, only one actually ended up coming and kept coming consistently and lived in Elder B and W area. They gave him a baptismal date and now he is my investigator. His name is Euclides R. He's like 35 and single. I think he's like quiet out in public but loves to go on and on in the lessons. 

Oh yeah, Saturday we did service and helped a member clear out his land. We all rode a jeep down there. Basically what happened is they handed us machetes and said go at it. It was so sick! I just got to hack at whatever and chop it down! We were basically in the jungle with machetes with permission to destroy everything. It was so cool!

Entonces ésta parte de mi misión ha sido tal vez la más dura hasta éste punto. Pero está bien porque El Señor nos ayudará según nuestros esfuerzos. Grácias a todos ustedes por todo lo quehan hecho para apoyarme y la obra del señor.

Elder Chase

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