Monday, December 31, 2012

Hey everyone

So, first Christmas away from home. It was kinda weird waking up on Christmas morning and knowing that everyone was at home opening presents and stuff. It's okay, though, Elder H. and I had our own little Christmas morning and opened our packages together. Oh yeah and I have to thank a few people: Thanks to Aunt Laura, Phillip, and Claire; Grandma sue and Grandpa Jerry; Aunt Lynn; the Clynes; and Shannon's sunday school class (I think) for the packages. It was greatly appreciated and still felt like Christmas even though I'm far from home.
Things have been going well here in Buenaventura. All the Elders are working hard. Elder A. and I are really working with this family. We don't know their last name yet, but we call them familia de Magnolia, because that's the mom's name. We met them on the street about a month ago and we know that God was definitely helping us out because their house is up some hill then down some sketchy hallway and stuff... basically a place where we'd never normally think of going. But, anyway, we have been working hard with them. Two of the daughters Yessenia and Yohana have baptism dates in December. The mom and the other daughter Yulieth have some challenges but we're working with them.

To be completely honest, I feel like my spanish speaking has dropped a bit probably because Elder H. and I always speak English to each other. I guess its easier to learn Spanish when I'm forced to speak it all the time like last transfer. I'm working on that though.

Vamos bien aquí. Todavía no hemos visto mucho éxito pero estamos trabajando duro. Me ha gustado buenaventuro. Espero que me quede aquí más que un cambio jaja pero no me preocupo. nos vemos en un año y medio

Elders Chase, A., Ho., A., B., and W. with Pres. and Sister Prince

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