Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Alright so things are still going well. Buenaventura is still awesome. No fish yet thankfully.

We have an English class every Wednesday now, so I took out little whiteboard and wrote the info on it. Then Elder A. and I went around the mercado and I shouted Clase de Inglés a las dos, hoy, barrio Galeón GRATIS. Free English class today 2 o clock. It was fun. I normally would be embarrassed to do something like that but it was fun.
We are teaching this one large family of girls that we contacted. They are pretty cool. I met another guy whose been all over the US and LA who speaks English pretty well. Its' way more humid here than anywhere else. All my papers of everything are always slightly moist. I haven't met Elder E. yet, but Elder W. knows him and says he is cool.

I don't know if I already mentioned this, but I found a recorder in the apartment in Pasto. I still remember how to play it pretty well. I can basically play any hymn with it, haha. Six of us missionaries sang "Angels we  Have heard on High" in the sacrament meeting the other day. It was pretty sick (cool).

I think we are all traveling to Cali tomorrow to interview with the president.

What else...the accent here is really hard to understand. I feel like I've gone back to square one with my ability to understand the language now. It's kind of like someone who is trying to learn English and has to try and understand street slang. It's hard hahaha.

time is going by a lot faster here. I'm enjoying myself and my comp and the people a lot more here. Its great having Elder H. here too.

Oh yeah, thanks for writing me sooner. We always go Monday morning now to print out our emails so anytime before Monday is the best time to write.

Entonces por ahora todo está bien. Estamos trabajando duro y tratando de hacer lo mejor posible. Sigan juiciosos y sigan adelante con todo. Será chévere cuando nos veamos por skype éste mes. Nos vemos

Elder Chase

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