Friday, July 13, 2012

Hey everyone,

So we are officially not the newest Elders at the MTC anymore. Feels pretty good it's like not being a freshman in high school anymore.

Anyways I just send a letter home today that explained mostly everything I wanted to talk about but I guess I'll just talk about some of the day to day stuff we do here.

So a typical morning a few of the other Elders and I wake up a las 615 to get in the showers before everyone wakes up and there's a big line. Then we get dressed and eat desayuno (breakfast) at like 710. Then we usually have some amount of study time that usually involves preparing to teach our investigator. I like to study on whatever I feel like I'm lacking the most whether it be Spanish or gospel knowledge. We either get workout time in the morning or at like 3. If it's in the morning we usually go play futbol and if it's in the evening we will go lift or something. We tried playing futbol in the afternoon once and it was 100 degrees.

I'm finally starting to figure my way around here and not get lost all the time.

Elder H. and I are really anxious to go to Colombia. Out of the 10 Elders in our district, 4 of us are leaving after 3 weeks. Elder H. and I and Elder E. are going to the Bogota MTC but Elder E. is going to the Bogota South mission. His comp Elder w. is going to the Peru MTC.

I don't know if I already said where everyone in my district is going but there's 3 of us going to Colombia, one to Peru, 4 to Mexico, 1 to Arizona and 1 to Canada. Pretty diverse and all Spanish speaking.

It's kinda funny how much of getting things done relies on you and your companion. We only have a teacher usually for like 3 or 6 at the most hours a day. It's up to us to make sure we prepare our lessons and do our studying.

bueno, este es un lugar muy interesante y me encanta a todos lod Elderes en mi distrito. Los maestros fueron fant├ístico y he aprendido mucho. Estoy agradecido por esta oportunidad y estoy listo a conocer la gente de Colombia y invitar a ellos a venir a Cristo. estory agradecido por todas las cartas que me escribieron. Gracias

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