Friday, July 20, 2012

Hey everyone

Ok so we just got back from the travel office and Colombia has changed their VISA requirements so we will definitely be delayed here at Provo for another week or two.
Oh and they gave us a 5 minute phone call thing so I’ll problem call you guys at like 430 our time or something

Once again I appreciate the packages and the letters. Even if I don’t always get the chance to respond I always read them. And the sunflower seeds were nice if you ever get the chance to send them again.

Things have settled into a routine here. We play futbol every day now for gym time. I scored my 1st goal 2 days ago. I went for a huge home run shot yesterday and missed the ball and nailed the huge defender in the shins with the top of my foot. I kicked him with so much force I actually swept both his legs out from under him. My foot hurts a lot though. It feels like I kicked the top of my foot against a metal pole as hard as I can. I think I’m gonna take a break from futbol for a bit.

Oh yeah there is no way to upload pictures here the only thing you can do is send memory cards home and sense I only have one you guys will just have to wait until I get to Colombia for pics. Sorry.

The spanish is coming along alright. It will really be a miracle when one day I’ll be able to fluently use things like subjunctive and past subjunctive and the difference between preterit and imperfect and all that stuff. Why there has to be 2 different past tenses is beyond me.

The guys in our district are fun. I recorded some video of one of the more eccentric Elders, E. doing his ¨¨interpretive dancing¨¨ to eye of the tiger. It was a little weird without the music, actually it was just weird in general but hilarious. If I can figure as way to send you guys video I will cause recording videos with all these guys is fun.

Some of the days here are really long like yesterday we had all our language study and gym and stuff in the morning then we had 3 hours of class the 30 mins for dinner then 3 more hours of class the 30 mins of additional study then 30 to plan. I’m glad I get to study spanish and gospel stuff so I can mix it up like when I’m getting frustrated with spanish I can just read English scriptures or vice versa.

Steven is gone now it was cool to talk to him while he was here.

I also saw my friend Devin, Elder Storts, from school. He is going to Chile Santiago I think. I also saw my buddy Dalorian, or Elder Collet who is going to Japan and he’s been here for 6 weeks.

Oh yeah and we were told a secret trick to stop the little timer in the corner of our email time so I can actually think for a bit. Yes I know we are only supposed to email for 30 mins but eh I’m doing the typing for 30 I’m just giving myself some time to think hah.

Bueno estoy practicando mucho mi espanol(the accents and n's dont work on email) y mi cumpanero Elder H. es el mejor cumpanero en el CCM. estoy agradecido por la oprtunidad a venir aqui y tener un cumpanero bein. Espero que ustedes esten bien. Estoy agradecido por   la oportunidad ir a Colombia y servir la gente alli. Taz vez un dia hablare espanol mejor y podre comunicar con el pueblo de Colombia. Se que la iglesia es verdadero y Dios envio su hujo para que podemos ser limpios de nuestros pecados y el ha restorado su evangelio y dio el libro de mormon a Josesmith. Adios

Oh yeah and don’t forget I get to call tonight for 5 minutes to tell you my visa hasn’t got through yet. Probably like 430.

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