Monday, October 28, 2013


So, first thing, the other week Elders D. and E. found Dr Pepper.  Probably one of the greatest moments of the mission, ha!

My 2 adult male converts here in Villa Gorgona both received the Melchizedek priesthood yesterday!  That should help a lot with the casa capilla cause.

So we're kinda in that awkward moment where we've baptized almost everyone we've been teaching and now we don't have many left who are interested.  This week is the kickoff week because in December we are going to try to break the record of baptisms in a month for the whole history of the mission.  September we came close with like 272 or something like that.  We got first in the whole South America Northeast Area which was sick, but in December we've gotta break 302, which they got in like 1980-something.  Gonna be nuts

Elder Musselman brought a football today.  It was legit.

Shout out to bish.  He was legit! (in reference to Bishop Smith from our ward, who is finishing his assignment this week).

Baptism of Geraldine and Libia

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