Monday, September 16, 2013


Things are going pretty well.  We should definitely be having baptisms this Saturday.  We have 3  for sure and 2 more possibles. La familia R has 6 people.  Juan Carlos and Alba, their 3 sons Christian (20ish), Rubén (16) and Junior (15), and their niece Valentina (9).  The parents and Valentina are committed.  The oldest kid is never around while we are there, Rubén is really stubborn and Junior has come to church but he's not sure what he wants.  We're gonna do the interviews tomorrow.

There's also Lina (16), who is the daughter of a less active member for 18 years who we got to come to church twice.  They live in Cabuyal, a pueblo that is even farther away than Villa Gorgona. I'll send the map we are going to send to the area presidency so you guys can see.  Lina hasn't had all the lessons but really wants to get baptized,  so well see what happens..

Other than that, not much new.  We hear about transfers Sunday.  I'm really hoping i don't go anywhere.  

Vamos al agua este sábado!

Élder Chase

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