Monday, September 9, 2013

Things are going alright.  The Setenta (Seventy) Elder Christopher Waddell came on Thursday.  He served in Barcelona, España as a missionary and president.  It was sick.  We're trying really hard to get the casa capilla (house chapel) out here.  I have to fill out a whole bunch of papers and stuff.  I'm basically trying to open a branch...pretty sick! 

We're really working hard with the family Rendón.   The baptismal day is 21 of September.  We're gonna try to get as many in the water as possible, but basically whoever wants it that day, we will baptize and then work to get the rest of the family later.  The dad, Juan Carlos was interested when we told him about when Jesus came to the Americas, so we showed him the testaments.  It was sick.

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