Monday, February 4, 2013

Hey everyone!

So I forgot to bring my agenda that has all my little notes of stuff I wanted to talk about. I do remember one thing - I don't know if I already mentioned the time when we were talking to one of our investigators outside her house and some guy comes up and tells her "These men are from God but don't worry about me though. I'm crazy. I'm a little bird." and then starts flapping his arms and hopping away. It was hilarious.

We worked hard last week to get people to come to church and had 10 people come. We were super stoked about that. They are also in the process of buying the land for the chapel they are gonna build here.

Time is flying by. Tomorrow I hit my 7 month mark. I'm in the second quarter of the game. If I end up staying here 4 transfers, by the time I leave Buenaventura , I could be almost halfway done, haha. It's been good though. We're working hard and always trying to improve. Sometimes, as you get more time in the mission, you develop habits and tend to do the same things all the time. But we are trying really hard to always mix it up and try new things. We are teaching a lot of great people and finding new people and leaving behind the ones who don't keep their commitments. The next baptism day is the 16th and we are working like crazy to try and get as many as possible. We can't have services every week because it costs money to rent out the pool.

Todo esta bien aquí. Siempre trato de mejorar y ayudar a las personas a venir a Cristo porque así es el propósito misional.

Elder Chase

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