Monday, February 17, 2014


Things are going well here.  We've had a couple things in the zone.  First, the new Colombian Elder P. got his visa to Mexico.  We took him to the terminal and sent him off.  It's too bad; I liked the little rolo (rolo is what they call people from Bogotá here).  Turns out he knew Brandon Beck in the MTC.  Also, one of the sisters got transferred out for going to a circus in another city or something like that.  So what´s happening now is they sent one of the elders here in Bugalagrande to Andalucía to replace Elder P. and the other elder here is now in a trio with us.  This is the second time I've been in a trio, and both times it has been with Elder D.

So we went into an investigators house the other day and saw a weird looking plant in the backyard.  Yeah, it was weed.  The plants were pretty huge.  The family is really poor too.  I don´t think they have realized that they have hundreds of dollars worth of weed in their backyard. haha.  

People burn the grass here.  I´m not sure why.  (not grass as in "weed" but the actual grass).
In Tuluá some guy was walking through the street shouting, ''La coca, la marijuana, la coca, la marijuana.''  I´m pretty sure its for making creams and stuff that help pain, but it was still pretty funny to hear that in broad daylight.

Its been raining a lot lately and there´s thunder almost every day.

Good news...we might have 2 baptisms on Saturday.

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