Monday, August 19, 2013


Sorry I don't have a lot of time.  This dumb computer is so slow.  Things are going alright.  My comp is Élder R. from Perú.  This is now my 5th Peruvian companion.  

Also, for the people who want to write me, if you guys could do it on Sunday, that'd be great because it'd be a lot easier to email in the morning instead of having to wait until the afternoon.

We didn't have assistance to get people to the chapel.  It's hard for the people because the church is so far away. 
Yesterday we walked into a house and found 10 new investigators.  It was cool.  Their grandpa had just died recently so Wednesday w are gonna teach them the plan of salvation

My new comp likes soccer a lot.  Nice.  Maybe he can teach me.

Just working hard trying to do everything we can.  Sometimes its frustrating, but either way, just gotta keep going.   I've officially lived in Colombia over a year now.


Elder Chase

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