Monday, May 20, 2013

Another week here in (Ciudad Modelo) model city.  We recieved the transfer info yesterday. Elder C. is leaving for Jamundi, a city about 30 mins outside of Cali.  The only thing I know about my new comp is his name is Elder T., he's from Mexico and I think he's got a little less time in the mission than I do.  

They're  also sending two sister missionaries to the ward.

We're really having a hard time getting people to come to church. The whole world here is asleep on Sundays until like 11:00.  The only investigator we have is a 9 year old kid named Andrés.  He wants to get baptized, but his mom thinks its too fast.  She's never been able to come to the church because she works and we're trying to get here to let him be baptized.

Just trying to stay obedient. The mission is having a real problem with disobedience right now.  Some pretty crazy stuff has happened, even up to the office.  But I'm just trying to work hard and stay busy.  Because when you do that, there's really no time to be disobedient.

This Wednesday I should meet my comp.  I'm just trying to help spark some activity in the missionary work here. It hasn't been easy, but were trying.  

Realmente no ha sido muy fácil en estosdías pero nos estamos esforsando por ayudar a la gente aquí.  Sigamos adelante

Elder Chase

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