Monday, December 9, 2013

We had some baptisms last Saturday.  Pedro P., Gloria N. and Heider Dubán P..  Pedro and Gloria got married on Friday and baptized Saturday.  I baptized Dubán. We got really lucky with him cause without knowing beforehand, we set the baptismal date for his parents on the 7th and it just happened to be the same day Dubán turned 8.   I got to baptize Dubán and confirm Gloria.

I think maybe God wanted me to learn something  because the first half of my mission I was only able to baptize 10 people and now, in the first 5 months of the second half, I've been able to baptize 15 more (if I counted right).  Maybe God needed me to seed a bit before harvesting.  Who knows... but it's nice to be seeing a bit of success.

I hope Joey Johnson does alright.  And hope his family is okay. 

I played mircosoccer again today.  Woot. I scored a couple goals again.  Nice.

I ate rabbit for the first time yesterday.  It was alright.  I sent a picture of Cuy (guinea pig) and potatoes. 

Por el momento todo está bien.  Solo trabajando como siempre.  Voy hacia los 18 meses.  ya casi en la última cuarta del partido jaja.  Nos vemos.

Élder Chase

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